Port Services

Auto Processing 

North Atlantic Distribution, Inc. (NORAD) is a privately owned company located at the Port of Davisville in Rhode Island. NORAD is one of the largest auto importers in North America, serving as a port of entry, processing center and distribution hub for imported and domestic vehicles. On 150 waterfront acres NORAD’s Davisville facility has had a total throughput of 2 million vehicles. With a reputation for quality, innovation and competitive pricing, NORAD has provided services for several major manufacturers including Chrysler, Saab, Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat and Maserati. Current customers include VW/Audi of America, Subaru of New England, Honda, Bentley Motorcars, Porsche Cars North America Inc., and Ford.

Seafood and Public Cold Storage 

Seafreeze, Ltd. is the largest producer of sea frozen fish on the U.S. East Coast. They supply sea frozen and land frozen fish to a world-wide range of markets, including bait products to domestic and international longline fleets. Fish products include underutilized species, such as: Illex Squid, Loligo Squid, Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Butterfish and Atlantic Herring. Seafreeze has a cold storage capacity of approximately 23 million pounds. The company also offers public cold storage, and can load and unload reefer vessels (trampers), refrigerated containers, refrigerated railcars and trucks.

Marine Highway Terminal 

The Port of Davisville recently invested close to $30 million to improve its facilities, which included the arrival of a 150 MT mobile harbor crane in the Summer of 2012 . Davisville is actively pursuing carriers and terminal operators to provide container feeder services to East Coast ports including New York, Boston, Halifax, and Norfolk. These improvements are designed to provide better service and cost savings to regional shippers and major ocean carrier services.

Wind Energy and Project Cargo

With the addition of the 150 MT mobile harbor crane, Davisville can handle a wide range of project cargoes and break bulk materials, including wind turbines and heavy equipment. Deepwater Wind, LLC plans to build an offshore wind farm consisting of eight turbines off Block Island, RI, and 200 turbines/1000 MW in the Rhode Island Sound (federal waters). The Port of Davisville location positions them to participate in offshore projects from Cape Cod to New Jersey.

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