Over 14 Miles of Track Across the Park

The Quonset Business Park offers tenants and shippers the ability to utilize a comprehensive selection of rail and transportation logistics services using the park’s extensive rail infrastructure and the resources of the intra-park short line railroad, Seaview Transportation Company. The Quonset rail network is comprised of over 14 miles of track thatextends to almost all areas of the park, including directly onto Pier 2at the Port of Davisville. Quonset’s rail-port-highway connections provide a cost-effective, hassle-free option for moving goods and materials both within the park and throughout North America.

A direct connection to the State of Rhode Island’s Freight Rail Improvement Project (FRIP) track on the Northeast Corridor provides for the rapid movement of freight to the national rail network. Currently, Quonset’s rail lines handle over 5,000 carloads a year, including products shipped from area industries, products arriving for distribution throughout New England, and shipments arriving at the Port of Davisville.The designated operator of the Quonset Business Park’s rail lines is the Seaview Transportation Company.

For more information on the rail services available at the Quonset Business Park, please contact Mr. Eric Moffett, President, Seaview Transportation Co., Inc. at (401) 295-1233 or at info@seaviewrr.com or visit www.seaviewrr.com