RFQ / RFP / Bids

2017-008 RFP - Consulting Services for the East & North Face Bulkheads for the Pier 2 Infrastructure Improvements at the Port of Davisville, Quonset Business Park, North Kingstown, RI

QDC is seeking a qualified Consultant for the design of the East & North Face Bulkheads for the QDC's Pier 2 Infrastructure Improvements Program at the Port of Davisville. Consultants shall have experience designing new bulkheads, including but not limited to steel sheet piles walls, anchor wall systems, reinforced concrete caps, fender systems, cleats & bollards, paved surfaces for similar heavy-civil and marine projects. For more details click here, to request a RFP package email candrews@quonset.com, complete RFP package can be sent via drop box.


2017-007 Roof Restoration of QDC Administration Building, Annex Building and Chapel in the Pines

QDC is soliciting bids to furnish and installation labor, equipment and materials for roofing and all other incidentals on the above mentioned buildings within the Quonset Business Park, for more details click here, for a complete bid package email candrews@quonst.com. A MANDATORY pre-bid is scheduled for May 25, 2017, 10 AM at the QDC Annex Building, bids are due no later than 2 PM on June 7, 2017 at the QDC Main office, not a public opening. Three bids were received and are under review.

Alt 1 Administration Building, Alt 2 Annex Building, Alt 3 Chapel in the Pines

  • Weather Shield: Alt 1: $114,800.00, Alt 2: $29,000.00, Alt 3: 59,500.00
  • R&H Roofing: Alt 1: $133,315.00, Alt 2: $39,111.00, Alt 3: $98,092.00
  • Rowland Roofing: Alt 1: $273,625.00, Alt 2: $42,090.00, Alt 3: $33,980.00


2017-004 QDC Request for Quotations

QDC is seeking quotations/proposals for design/build for equipment and component replacement for two 60-foot diameter secondary settling tanks for Quonset Development Corporation Wastewater Treatment Plant on Zarbo Ave in North Kingstown, RI.    For more information, contact the Operations Department, Quonset Development Corporation, 95 Cripe Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852. Phone: 401-295-0044 x223 or Fax: 401-268-9885.