Several projects are underway at the Quonset Business Park® representing over $170 million in private investment.

The Gateway at Quonset Point is a 72.5 acre mixed use development that serves as the new “front door” to the Business Park. When complete it will house offices, pedestrian space, restaurants, a hotel and the Shops at Quonset.

The Business Park is positioned to become a hub for the emerging renewable energy industry. Plans are underway to locate the regional headquarters, staging and assembly facility for Deepwater Wind at Quonset taking advantage of the park's water access and infrastructure.

Quonset Business Park Construction

The Quonset Development Corporation maintains a map of active construction projects that is updated every 30 to 60 days. The map shows building projects by Park tenants as well as capital improvement projects constructed by the QDC. Updates to construction projects can be submitted to Katherine Trapani at

Wind Turbine Moves Through Quonset (WPRI, 2/6/2009)
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