Quonset Business Park: Creating jobs for Rhode Island - by Steven King

Quonset Business Park is increasingly seen as a key driver of job creation and economic growth in Rhode Island. It is now home to over 11,800 full-time and part-time jobs at more than 200 companies. Its Port of Davisville is one of the Top Ten auto-importers in North America. And since 2005, close to 5,000 jobs have been created within the Park. So why are so many businesses and people wanting to call Quonset home? 

• World Class Infrastructure: Since 2005 we have invested more than $105 million to upgrade the infrastructure of the Park. That includes everything from the roads, rail, piers, and water system, to tearing down over 2.4 million s/f of derelict and unusable building space. 

• 90 Day Development: The Quonset Development Corp. (QDC) has completed all the engineering that a developer would have to conduct as part of “due diligence” in order to get a project underway. Further, the QDC has secured all the baseline permits from various state agencies that a new business would be required to secure. In essence, shovels can be in the ground within 90 days of a new tenant signing their lease.

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