Manufacturing thrives at Quonset Business Park

Quonset Business Park is now home to more than 175 companies with 9,100 employees in both full-time and part-time jobs across a variety of industries. As part of the Quonset master plan, we have a diverse scope of industries throughout the park, a strategy which helped protect us from job-loss during the recent recession.

Manufacturing is one sector of the economy with a significant presence at Quonset. In fact, we estimate that close to 44% of the workforce at the park is in manufacturing. Based on the initial findings of a recent survey of manufacturers in Rhode Island, that will likely mean more jobs for the state, and continued growth at the business park.

The Rhode Island Manufacturing Renaissance Project is in the midst of a comprehensive survey of the top 1,000 manufacturing companies in the state. Their goal is to identify and define the capabilities of manufacturing companies throughout Rhode Island. The initial findings of the survey offer some positive news as more than 80% of respondents plan to add employees in the next three years, with more than 85% of those looking for entry level production or machine operator employees...

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