Hondas Come To Rhode Island Through The Port Of Davisville In Quonset


The Quonset Business Park welcomes ships carrying Honda vehicles to the Port of Davisville Monday. This is the first time Honda has shipped products to Rhode Island shores.  Quonset Development Corporation spokesman David Preston says he hopes the addition of Honda will help to build economic growth in Rhode Island.

“This is just one more piece of the puzzle for Rhode Island’s economy, you know, down at Quonset we’ve got over 175 companies, including Norad, that employ over 9500 people. So this is just one more piece of the puzzle for Quonset to do their part to keep Rhode Island’s economy growing,” said Preston.

He added that they’ll be expecting a large shipment.

“These ships are about six or seven hundred feet long, and they carry several thousand cars.  Usually a ship at Davisville will drop off about a thousand cars,” said Preston.


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