Here's what the Governor of Rhode Island is saying about Quonset

Quonset is an undeniable local success story, with more jobs and economic growth on the way. See what the Governor had to say:

Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island Governor

Lincoln Chafee

"My tour of Quonset was impressive, and Quonset's record of creating 2,700 new jobs in recent years is equally impressive. The millions of dollars of private sector investment at Quonset means that the market is endorsing what they're doing there. As Rhode Island's next governor, I'll work with the Quonset Development Corporation to build on their success, particularly with the possibility of attracting jobs related to the fast growing 'green economy.' Maximizing the overall potential of this ideally situated real estate is essential to creating more high paying jobs, on top of the nearly 9,000 jobs already there. Further, we're lucky to have one of the country's busiest auto ports at Davisville, an operation that receives more cars than the ports in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Savannah."