Custom Design has called Quonset home for over twenty years - by Steven King

June 09, 2017

Quonset Business Park often brings to mind some of the larger, better-known companies here like Electric Boat, Ocean State Job Lot, or Toray Plastics America. With shovel-ready parcels ranging from 1 to 43 acres, Quonset can accommodate businesses of all sizes. Currently there are nearly 11,000 people working here at over 200 companies, most of which are small businesses. Quonset is an ideal location for companies large and small to grow their success.

One of the companies that’s been here the longest, Custom Design, Inc. (CDI) recently completed a major renovation to their property. CDI is a full-service provider of “made-to-order” merchandising display and store fixtures. The company does everything from conceptual design, engineering, sample production, and manufacturing, to logistics and installation. CDI manufactures a variety of products from $10 wire racks at convenience stores to large-scale retail displays for international companies like Gucci and Ray Ban. Each project is handled from start to finish at their Quonset site.

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