Auto importer adds 25 jobs at Quonset Point

Auto importer North Atlantic Distribution (NORAD) is teaming up with Ford Motor Co. to bring vehicles via rail through the Port of Davisville at Quonset Point, enabling the company to add 25 jobs.

The initial agreement, announced Wednesday by the Quonset Development Corporation, calls for importing 25,000 vehicles a year by the Norfolk & Southern Railroad line, expanding the use of rail and allowing NORAD to bring in three times the amount of cars to the facility in one year.

NORAD could potentially distribute75,000 Ford vehicles from Quonset Point each year.

Ford cars and trucks will be processed and finishing touches added at the NORAD facility before being distributed by car-carriers to local dealerships throughout New England.

Quonset Development managing director Steven J. King said that NORAD continues to pave the way for job growth at Quonset Point.

A Quonset Development spokesman said that the 25 jobs have been filled, but there are plans to hire more people, mainly skilled workers who can complete the cars and trucks before they are distributed.Current automaker customers include Volkswagen/Audi of North America, Subaru of New England and Bentley Motorcars. NORAD has also processed vehicles for Chrysler, Saab, Nissan, Peugot, Fiat and Maserati.

The Port of Davisville is one of North America’s largest importers of automobiles by ship. Roughly 2 million automobiles have been processed here since it opened in 1980s. The facility’s current storage capacity is over 23,000 units and the building covers more than 150,000 square feet.NORAD currently employs 250 people. Quonset Business Park is home to 168 companies that employ 8,800 people.

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