Ford Agreement Creates New Jobs at Port of Davisville

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25,000 New Fords Means More Jobs at the Port of Davisville

North Atlantic Distribution, Inc. (NORAD) recently announced that it began processing and distributing Ford cars and trucks through Quonset. NORAD's agreement with Ford Motor Company and Norfolk & Southern Railroad calls for 25,000 Fords to be processed through the Quonset facility each year. The company could process as many as 75,000 Fords annually.

This new agreement bodes well for a continued increase in employment opportunities at Quonset. NORAD has already added 25 more positions to their current staff of 250. Currently, the Quonset Business Park is home to 168 companies and over 8,800 jobs.

"NORAD has been a major diver of job growth here at Quonset, and this agreement expands and diversifies its already successful business," said Steven J. King, P.E., Managing Director of the Quonset Development Corporation.

Already one of North America's largest importers of autos by ship, NORAD will drastically increase the volume of cars coming by rail due to this agreement. Rhode Islanders who live or drive near the freight rail lines can be on the lookout for tall, covered trains that are double- or triple-stacked with cars. They're on their way to Quonset and they bring jobs along with them.

A Warm Welcome to Cool Polymers

Cool Polymers, an engineered materials manufacturer, is moving into a 40,000-square-foot facility at Quonset. Their new space in the Business Park was able to accommodate the company's need to rapidly expand the manufacturing capacity for two of its products: CoolPoly and Xyloy.

"With the expansion at the new site, Cool Polymers will be able to better serve both our domestic and international customers," said Kevin McCullough, general manager of Cool Polymers."

Xyloy is an injection-moldable alloy that was introduced to the market in May 2008. The Quonset location of the company will include a dedicated space for Xyloy presentations and training."

In its new Quonset headquarters, Cool Polymers will also be focusing on numerous growth markets for their products such as LED lighting, electronics, connectors, thermal management, medical and consumer devices, automotive and appliances.

Quonset is pleased to be the new home of Cool Polymers, which received the Providence Business News Business Excellence Award for Entrepreneurship in 2004 and 2009.

TownePlace Suites Rising at the Gateway

Foundations are in place for the new TownePlace Suites by Marriott across Gate Road from The Shops at Quoet Poinnst. The $7.5 million project is the latest project in New Boston Fund's development of the Gateway, and is being built with the services of architect and construction manager Pro Con, Inc.

The developers have already registered the hotel with the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and have plans to pursue a certification with the USGBC's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This will make TownePlace Suites one of the first LEED certified hotels in Rhode Island. Regional and recycled materials are being incorporated in the construction, and the hotel will utilize a geothermal system for heating and cooling the 55,453-sf building.

According to Pro Con, Inc., the framing is beginning this month, and builders are on target for March 2011 completion date.