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Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (Commerce RI):

Commerce RI's mission is to strengthen the Rhode Island economy through policies, programs, and projects, which enhance and enrich the business environment for public and private sectors in order to create prosperity for all Rhode Islanders.

Town of North Kingstown
The Quonset Business Park is located within the municipality of North  Kingstown.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM):

Hazardous Waste/Brownfields: Brownfields are real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Brownfield sites include all "real property" including residential, as well as industrial commercial properties.

Water Quality:
Office of Water Resources' programs play a pivotal role in controlling wastewater discharges, promoting non point source abatement, preventing groundwater pollution and averting alterations to fresh water wetlands.The targeting of activities, ranging from permitting to financial assistance, to priority watersheds is expected to improve overall effectiveness. New emphasis is being placed on restoring both freshwater wetland and coastal habitats. Permit streamlining measures have begun to improve efficiency.

Wetlands:Responsible for regulating alterations of Rhode Island's fresh water wetlands through an orderly application process that verifies delineated wetland edges, determines the presence of wetlands, & reviews proposed projects in & adjacent to freshwater wetlands for any applicant who is the owner of the property in question. The technical staff consisting of biologists & engineers carry out site inspections, develop protective terms & conditions for permit approvals or acceptable mitigation strategies, provide expert testimony at hearings, & render recommendations through the collection of scientific data to program supervisors who then make final decisions.

Rhode Island Coastal Resource Management Council

Freshwater Wetlands in the Vicinity of the Coast: The Coastal Resources Management Council is a management agency with regulatory functions. Its primary responsibility is for the preservation, protection, development and where possible the restoration of the coastal areas of the state via the issuance of permits for work with the coastal zone of the state. Rules and Regulations Governing the Protection and Management of Freshwater Wetlands in the Vicinity of the Coast can be found here.

North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce 
The business needs in North Kingstown are as diverse as the types of businesses operating in North Kingstown. The North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses in a number of different ways.